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vsi_unlink_batch() deletes a list of files passed in a character vector. All files should belong to the same file system handler. This is implemented efficiently for /vsis3/ and /vsigs/ (provided for /vsigs/ that OAuth2 authentication is used). This function is a wrapper for VSIUnlinkBatch() in the GDAL Common Portability Library.





Character vector. The list of files to delete.


Logical vector of length(filenames) with values depending on the success of deletion of the corresponding file. NULL might be returned in case of a more general error (for example, files belonging to different file system handlers).


# regular file system for illustration
elev_file <- system.file("extdata/storml_elev.tif", package="gdalraster")
tcc_file <- system.file("extdata/storml_tcc.tif", package="gdalraster")

tmp_elev <- file.path(tempdir(), "tmp_elev.tif")
file.copy(elev_file,  tmp_elev)
#> [1] TRUE
tmp_tcc <- file.path(tempdir(), "tmp_tcc.tif")
file.copy(tcc_file,  tmp_tcc)
#> [1] TRUE
vsi_unlink_batch(c(tmp_elev, tmp_tcc))
#> [1] TRUE TRUE