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vsi_stat() fetches status information about a filesystem object (file, directory, etc). This function goes through the GDAL VSIFileHandler virtualization and may work on unusual filesystems such as in memory. It is a wrapper for VSIStatExL() in the GDAL Common Portability Library. Analog of the POSIX stat() function.


vsi_stat(filename, info = "exists")



Character string. The path of the filesystem object to be queried.


Character string. The type of information to fetch, one of "exists" (the default), "type" or "size".


If info = "exists", returns logical TRUE if the file system object exists, otherwise FALSE. If info = "type", returns a character string with one of "file" (regular file), "dir" (directory), "symlink" (symbolic link), or empty string (""). If info = "size", returns the file size in bytes (as bit64::integer64 type), or -1 if an error occurs.


For portability, vsi_stat() supports a subset of stat()-type information for filesystem objects. This function is primarily intended for use with GDAL virtual file systems (e.g., URLs, cloud storage systems, ZIP/GZip/7z/RAR archives, in-memory files). The base R function utils::file_test() could be used instead for file tests on regular local filesystems.

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data_dir <- system.file("extdata", package="gdalraster")
#> [1] TRUE
vsi_stat(data_dir, "type")
#> [1] "dir"
# stat() on a directory doesn't return the sum of the file sizes in it,
# but rather how much space is used by the directory entry
vsi_stat(data_dir, "size")
#> integer64
#> [1] 4096

elev_file <- file.path(data_dir, "storml_elev.tif")
#> [1] TRUE
vsi_stat(elev_file, "type")
#> [1] "file"
vsi_stat(elev_file, "size")
#> integer64
#> [1] 31152

nonexistent <- file.path(data_dir, "nonexistent.tif")
#> [1] FALSE
vsi_stat(nonexistent, "type")
#> [1] ""
vsi_stat(nonexistent, "size")
#> integer64
#> [1] -1

# /vsicurl/ file system handler
base_url <- ""
f <- "gdalraster/main/sample-data/landsat_c2ard_sr_mt_hood_jul2022_utm.tif"
url_file <- paste0("/vsicurl/", base_url, f)

#> [1] TRUE
vsi_stat(url_file, "type")
#> [1] "file"
vsi_stat(url_file, "size")
#> integer64
#> [1] 13067777