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vsi_set_path_option() sets a path specific option for a given path prefix. Such an option is typically, but not limited to, setting credentials for a virtual file system. Wrapper for VSISetPathSpecificOption() in the GDAL Common Portability Library. Requires GDAL >= 3.6.


vsi_set_path_option(path_prefix, key, value)



Character string. A path prefix of a virtual file system handler. Typically of the form /vsiXXX/bucket.


Character string. Option key.


Character string. Option value. Passing value = "" (empty string) will unset a value previously set by vsi_set_path_option().


No return value, called for side effect.


Options may also be set with set_config_option(), but vsi_set_path_option() allows specifying them with a granularity at the level of a file path. This makes it easier if using the same virtual file system but with different credentials (e.g., different credentials for buckets "/vsis3/foo" and "/vsis3/bar"). This is supported for the following virtual file systems: /vsis3/, /vsigs/, /vsiaz/, /vsioss/, /vsiwebhdfs, /vsiswift.


Setting options for a path starting with /vsiXXX/ will also apply for /vsiXXX_streaming/ requests.

No particular care is taken to store options in RAM in a secure way. So they might accidentally hit persistent storage if swapping occurs, or someone with access to the memory allocated by the process may be able to read them.