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gdal_formats() returns a table of the supported raster and vector formats, with information about the capabilities of each format driver.


gdal_formats(format = "")



A character string containing a driver short name. By default, information for all configured raster and vector format drivers will be returned.


A data frame containing the format short name, long name, raster (logical), vector (logical), read/write flag (ro is read-only, w supports CreateCopy, w+ supports Create), virtual I/O supported (logical), and subdatasets (logical).


Virtual I/O refers to operations on GDAL Virtual File Systems. See


#> [1] 221
#>   short_name raster vector rw_flag virtual_io subdatasets
#> 1        VRT   TRUE  FALSE     rw+       TRUE       FALSE
#> 2    DERIVED   TRUE  FALSE      ro      FALSE       FALSE
#> 3      GTiff   TRUE  FALSE     rw+       TRUE        TRUE
#> 4        COG   TRUE  FALSE       w       TRUE       FALSE
#> 5       NITF   TRUE  FALSE     rw+       TRUE        TRUE
#> 6     RPFTOC   TRUE  FALSE      ro       TRUE        TRUE
#>                                    long_name
#> 1                             Virtual Raster
#> 2 Derived datasets using VRT pixel functions
#> 3                                    GeoTIFF
#> 4          Cloud optimized GeoTIFF generator
#> 5       National Imagery Transmission Format
#> 6           Raster Product Format TOC format

#>   short_name raster vector rw_flag virtual_io subdatasets  long_name
#> 1       GPKG   TRUE   TRUE     rw+       TRUE        TRUE GeoPackage